My Standard Rate is $75/Session for Individual Counseling

Contact & Location Map for Morrow Counseling Office in Broken Arrow

Unless I am with a client or in a meeting, I will be happy to take your phone call and answer your questions and discuss your concerns. I can be reached by telephone from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Morrow Counseling & Psychotherapy, PLLC
Alina Morrow, LPC
1945 West Concord Circle North
Tulsa, OK 74012
918 403-8873


Available Counseling Hours:
Monday through Friday, 11am to 7pm. Saturday 10am to 4pm. I am closed on Sundays.

Making An Appointment:
To make an appointment, please call or email me with the time and days you prefer, and we can go from there. A debit or credit card is necessary to reserve your appointment.

Directions: We are located right off the Broken Arrow Expressway. Take the 145th Ave (Aspen) Exit in Broken Arrow. See Map Below

office map

View of Office Building and Parking


Interactive Map:

Use the interactive map below to get directions to Alina's office.

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